Who Is Watching You

A sign saying that cameras in operation beside one of our posters saying We can see you.We have established that we are watched. You can see the evidence all around you, from the cameras above the shop door, to Google knowing where you live and what ads to show you, to your banks record of your transactions.

There is no big brother. There is no need for one. We are living in a surveillance society. There is no need for the government to watch our every move, we do it for them. Every camera a private individual or business puts up contributes to the culture of scrutiny and supervision. Every website that logs your visit strengthens the society.

We have become so used to being watched that we no longer object to the watching. After all, it's only in place for our own safety.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
- Benjamin Franklin


Posted by anonymous


I feel safe in town because I know the cameras are watching. Maybe its false safety but I do feel better that they are there.

Posted by Wally


I love that quote from Franklin and it's never been so relevant in out culture these days. Privacy is much too important to be whisked away for some small notion of safety. However, I was mugged earlier this year and thanks to CCTV camera they Gardai were able to catch one of those responsible, even though I'm pretty sure they let the ruffian off.

I do think that they could be used to put some horrible people away, but their use should definitely be regulated to a high degree. I hate the idea that I'm constantly being watched. It's a horrible chilling feeling.